23rd October 2018

This is a space where we hope to share all of the latest goings on in Jolie Studio. From colour palettes where we explore the psychological impact of colour to tips and tricks on how, when and what to fragrance your space with. But firstly, why are we taking this new approach to interior design? What does it all mean? And does it really matter? Well, lets start with the bigger question, have you at any point been in a space, whether its work, at home, or out with for a drink with your friends, and just thought, I really don’t feel right here? I think we can all agree at some point we have been in a position where we feel the need to escape a certain environment, and 9 times out of 10 put it down to situation or social factors. We spend time and money adjusting our environments (and ourselves for that matter) to suit the latest trends, only to find 3 months down the line that it hasn’t fixed any of our initial problems. Just as a new wardrobe temporarily shifts your focus from your body hang-ups, we feel its time to take a closer look at what makes us satisfied and focused in a world that is constantly demanding more from us.


We examine the scientific relationship between human physiology, psychology and space-making to improve the quality of our environments and create true immersive and multi-sensory experiences. We do this by working with leading neuroscientists and psychologists, to design bespoke environments and memorable experiences specific to each client. Sounds complicated right? Well, in a way it is, but leave that part to us, as the final result is something we like to call “the invisible aesthetic” and you won’t know why, but when you enter one of our spaces you will know about it.


Watch this space for regular antics and goings on, and follow us on all social media channels for updates.

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